Helga Spitaler: Senior International Relations Project Manager, Cambridge

What do you do at GÉANT?


As part of the International Relations team, for over 10 years I have been involved in adapting the GÉANT model to other parts of the world in the context of EU-funded regional networking projects. Specifically, I drive and coordinate the visibility efforts for these projects, including mentoring colleagues to build up PR capacity locally.

I always want to understand the WHY that is behind what we do. I am therefore keen to demonstrate our impact through the eyes of the actual network users, and in particular the less traditional ones who have a huge societal benefit potential. And I am proud to be involved in the In The Field blog project which depicts such a powerful picture of the difference NRENs make around the world.



Again, it’s about making a difference. Like the caretaker at NASA who replied when asked ’What do you do?’ with ‘I am helping put a man on the moon’, we should proudly say ‘We are helping advance scientific research and make education more accessible’.

And it’s about the people. I really value the multi-cultural atmosphere here at GÉANT. I work with and learn from amazing colleagues, both in this organisation and in the wider community and have made real friends along the way.

I joined GÉANT (at the time DANTE) in 2004, and I am still stimulated by the diversity and the need to think outside the box, as each region has its own challenges and opportunities.

GÉANT also gives me the opportunity to grow. Working with the most experienced project managers has given me invaluable insight into aspects beyond my core activities and I am confident that my journey here at GÉANT is not quite finished yet.

​Helga SpitalerAbout Helga
Before joining the Research & Education networking world, Helga was an Executive Education Programme Manager at the Judge Business School in Cambridge, following a stint in event management in San Francisco, US, and after ‘escaping’ the isolation of soundproof simultaneous interpreting booths. Helga hails from Bolzano in Italy and occasionally misses the Dolomites mountain landscapes, but feels privileged to call Cambridge home.

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