Munyaradzi Shahwe​: Senior Project Accountant, Cambridge

What do you d​o at GÉANT?


I am the Financial Management and Administration task leader within the established and extensive GÉANT Project (GN4-2) that has delivered the award-winning 500Gbps pan-European network, as well as a series of advanced, user-focused services, and a successful programme of innovation in networking technology.

My job entails financial reporting on GN4-2 and also regular tracking of costs/finance progress, as well as providing support to the programme managers, activity and task leaders with day-to-day budget and cost management within their respective areas.

Tell us about your experience at GÉANT


As soon as I joined GÉANT I felt part of the team. I love my job and I am impressed by the sheer scale of the projects that I report on; I never stop learning! Some of the projects are incredibly complex and I am intrigued by their full scope and impact. I also find cross-functional collaborations and initiatives very stimulating; I believe that such activities create a great buzz in the office.

Working at GÉANT has given me the opportunity to travel to Malaysia, Malawi and other remote countries to support, train and mentor the local finance teams collaborating with us on specific projects involving developing countries. It is for me a very rewarding experience to be involved in initiatives aimed at supporting and facilitating Research & Education around the globe hence helping to bridge the gap between the developed and developing world.

Here everyone is valued and given the space and the chance to thrive. GÉANT offers a truly international environment that values and embraces diversity and its atmosphere is genuinely welcoming and open.

Munyaradzi ShahweAbout Munyaradzi
I was born and raised in Zimbabwe where I started my career working for the Mining Industry Pension Fund before moving to the United Kingdom in 2005. I was initially based in London where I worked in banking and finance and in 2009 I moved to Cambridge to join a non-governmental organisation as a Finance Manager. In 2013 I started at GÉANT as a Senior Project Accountant.​

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