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Help shape the future of research and education networking

​​GÉANT is one of the premier e-infrastructure providers for European research and education. By being part of the GÉANT association, members can help guide the future of this vital community and its set of infrastructures and services.

Member organisations can attend the GÉANT General Assembly, vote on new proposals, be part of the range of GÉANT committees that support innovation and development in the fields of networking, and take advantage of preferential terms on a range of services procured for GÉANT members.

In addition, members can contribute to the Task Forces and Special Interest Groups that GÉANT supports – helping spread knowledge and best practice throughout the community and fostering innovation that benefits European research and education.

Organisations that wish to apply for GÉANT membership should complete a pro-forma letter that includes the names of appointed representatives or observers.

GEANT Association Membership Application 2016

Application for GÉANT Associate Status

Applications should be submitted by postal mail to the Amsterdam office address. Fax or email is acceptable if a confirmation is subsequently submitted by postal mail. Emails can be sent via the contact form.

Applications that are submitted at least twenty-eight days prior to a meeting of the GÉANT General Assembly may be dealt with at that meeting.

Before applying for membership, please read all the membership documents, in particular:

  • Articles of Association – articles 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
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