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GÉANT standard terms f​​or Goods and Services​

Updated: March 2022

GÉANT Association standard terms f​​or Goods and Services​

These are the standard contractual terms supporting the supply of goods and / or services to GÉ​ANT Association​ raised under an approved Purchase Order for values below the EC thresholds. All contracts with a value in excess of the EC thresholds will be competed under a formal procurement exercise (or EC compliant framework), and will be subject to terms relevant to the subject matter of the specific contract or Framework Agreement.

  • Standard Services Terms and Conditions for all Purchase Orders for Service Delivery – March 2022
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  • Standard Goods Terms and Conditions for all Purchase Orders for Product Supply – March 2022
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  • Data Processing Agreement
    This Data Processing Agreement forms part of the Agreement – as defined in GÉANT’s Terms and Conditions of Contract for Services and/or for Goods
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GÉANT eProcurement Portal

Since May 2018, GÉANT has conducted tenders electronically via an eProcurement portal, hosted by Mercell. For further information about the eProcurement portal, please contact

Registered users can access the GÉANT eProcurement Portal here.

GÉ​ANT Anti-Slavery Supplier Code of Conduct​​

At GÉANT, we are committed to operating our business in an ethical and honest way. As part of that commitment, we have in place systems and controls aimed at ensuring that modern slavery is not taking place anywhere within our organisation or in any of our supply chains.

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